Designated Safeguarding Officer Training

Designated Safeguarding Officer Training

This is an advanced safeguarding course. Anyone attending should already be familiar and experienced with the basic tenets of safeguarding children.

We offer the course on an individual place basis, or we can deliver the course in-house to your organisations DSL or safeguarding team. 

This certificated course is £145.00 per delegate and contributes to a designated safeguarding lead’s required training.

The learning outcomes for successfully completing the course include the ability to:

  • -recognise the potential indicators of child maltreatment
  • – ecognise the indicators associated with other risks such as the use of the internet, CSE etc.
  • – act as the DSL or Deputy DSL as defined within the legislation
  • – put the needs of the child first in decision making.
  • – be able to effectively record and report safeguarding/child protection concerns
  • – ensure that staff training and tested knowledge base is maintained.
  • – be able to share information with a range of partners and professionals as required.